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The lowest package is 0.05BTC and the highest package is 0.5BTC.
In the nearest future we'll introduce more packages. You earn 100% of whatever package you choose to participate in.

You get 100% of your donation WITHIN 15days.
The 15 days is a worst case estimation. Usually, you will be matched within few hours to 2 days.

This System is designed to last forever! After much analysis, we discovered that systems like this tend to come to a halt as a result of people abusing the referral bonus system. Most participants simply stop providing donations and concentrate entirely on referral bonuses.
For this reason, we decided to scrap the referral system entirely.
The system works, just spread the word!

As stated earlier, we have designed this System to last forever!
This is not a High Yield Investment Program. It is simply a peer-to-peer donation system and continuous donations is imperative to the continuity of the program.
For this reason, donations are mandatory. On cycling out, members will have 24hours to make another donation. Failure to do so will lead to immediate deletion of the defaulting account.
Recommitment ensures that there’s money constantly in circulation, and that you continually get paid. It's in your best interest that you recommit!

Yes, all our plans are mutually independent and as such you can be in multiple plans at the same time.
However, do note that once you join a package, you must always re-commit in that plan. This is to ensure that no plan will eventually suffer.

Wealth Stream is designed to be a safe haven where you can grow your income steadily, without fear of freezing, or bailing out, and the recommitment rule is just one of the ways to make that possible, so failure to re-commit means that you do not share our vision and are against our mission.
So you'll be permanently banned from participating in the program.

Official re-commitment time is 24 hours
.We however advise that you re-commit immediately, seeing as you have just cashed out. Immediate re-commitment also ensures that you cycle faster as the system uses a first in, first out system.

When you are matched to make payment, you'll be given a 6 hour grace, after which your account will be permanently deleted.
Because we hate for that to happen, we advise that you only create an account when you're ready and disposed to make payment.

Click on "Forgot Password" just below the Login form, type in the email address used to signup.
The system will send you an email with a password reset link.

Wealth Stream is a bitcoin only platform.
This ensures that donations are confirmed instantly and automatically.
This also totally eliminates the many problems associated with local currency based systems like: fake proof of payments, double payments and recipient 's refusal to acknowledge receipt of payment e.t.c

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